Kids are home… Now what? Easy things you can do for a happy family experience by Supercharged Science.

My kids are home… now WHAT??? How to setup your home with the right mindset and the right tools for the job.   Do you have KIDS AT HOME?? Supercharged Science will teach your kids science totally free! Marine Biology Robotics Free Online FB LIVE Science class every day, M-F 10am Pacific:… Read More

Aerodynamics and Flight with Supercharged Science!

  If you love the idea of flying, then you’ll love this class today.   All you need is:   paper string stapler tape straw hole punch (optional)   And in no time, you’ll be flying your very own 5-minute-build kite!   We’re doing this free series of SCIENCE (and MATH) classes for the next… Read More

Science Class with Supercharged Science in ROCKETRY!

Get you lab coat on and join me in building three different kinds of rockets using everything stuff you already have around the house!   (You’ll probably wind up with more of these on your roof by the end of today.)   This is a small sample from my HUGE online science curriculum.   If… Read More