Learn all about SOLAR ASTRONOMY with Supercharged Science!

Learn all about SOLAR ASTRONOMY with Supercharged Science!   We only have 2 more astronomy lessons to go this week! Today it’s solar astronomy, and tomorrow we’re going to focus on starlight, and both days have super-cool hands-on science experiments!   MATERIALS for THURSDAY (today) & FRIDAY (tomorrow): • Old CD • Ruler • Cardboard… Read More

How to engage and excite your kids about learning for the long-term!

Kids at HOME?? Supercharged Science will keep them happily engaged, excited and LEARNING, totally free! We’re offering not only live science classes everyday:https://www.facebook.com/superchargedsci …and also MATH, writing, reading, health and nutrition, and more with our online school: www.SuperchargedSchool.com  Orig FB Live post: https://business.facebook.com/superchargedsci/videos/605047363427649/

The most effective way to educate your kids from home

Focus on QUALITY, not QUANTITY. You’ve already got a lot going on, so my over-complicate things? There are a couple of simple, easy questions you can ask to effectively eliminate the clutter from the essentials.  Orig FB Post: https://business.facebook.com/superchargedsci/videos/231313348238262/


STARGAZE with SUPERCHARGED SCIENCE!   It’s fun, free, and totally engaging for your kids at home! I will teach your kids science, totally free!   Share this with your friends and let’s go star gazing with an astronomer.   Are you ready??   Go here to get my FREE ASTRONOMY LESSON PACKET: www.SuperchargedScience.com/astronomy   This… Read More

Light, Lasers and Holograms by Supercharged Science

Kids at home? Let’s do a super-fun and free science class right now in Light, Lasers and Holograms by Supercharged Science! (This is the first of a 2-Part class.)   Please share this with anyone you think would love to do real hands-on science with us!   We’re going to look at the amazing properties… Read More