Let’s continue to consider more ways that a Homeschool Teacher can add fun to the homeschooling experience for her homeschool students. Even as adults we understand things better when we actually experience them. For this reason it’s a good idea to get your homeschool students to do things hands-on rather than simply asking them to learn things by rote from their textbooks. This holds true for all subjects and here are some ideas that you may like to consider in terms of making homeschooling a bit more fun for your kids.

Create a Picture Book

Take a topic that is being taught in the class and ask your homeschool student to make a picture book about it. Give them access to some of the child-safe creative commons websites and ask them to find appropriate pictures and have them print them out to bind into a book. Each picture much also have a line explaining what it is about. This is a sneaky way to get them to do writing and still love the project.

Read Out Loud With “Voices”

Reading is an important skill and one of the best ways to get your child interested in reading is to read out loud story books to him. Once he begins to identify the words on the page, you may ask to do a dialogue in different voices with him reading out part of the text. It can be so much fun using different voices for different characters in the book. He gets to do his favorite characters, while you get to do the rest. Not only do you have your homeschool student reading, he’s having a blast while doing it.

Science Experiments in the Kitchen

Turn making the meal into a series of experiments that your homeschool student can conduct. Each dish has some aspect of physics (the forces of change), chemistry (the reactions taking place as food goes from raw to cooked) and biology (where did the food come from, plant or animal?). With a little bit of preparation you can turn creating snacks into a hobby as well as a science lesson which your homeschool student will enjoy and retain as a life long skill.