In the digital age we live in, everyone is online. Be it communicating with others, learning about something new, or finding out the latest news, just about everything is done via the internet. The use of books is restricted to textbooks, and develops a negative connotation. Yet, the ability to read books is one which should be encouraged. Here are some tips that homeschool teachers can use to encourage their homeschool students to read more books.

Set Regular Read Aloud Times

When your children are younger, they will enjoy story time. Make it a point to include reading out loud from a book in your day. It could be a bed time story routine, or even something done mid-day. Just ensure that every day the children see you with a book in your hands, reading out a story to them. As they grow older, you may encourage them to pick the books that they want you to read out to them. You may even get simple books which they can read out to you in a role reversal.

Have a Cozy Nook Library Area

Not all homes can dedicate an entire room to books, however a cupboard is easily doable. Next to the cupboard where you store the books, you can set up some furniture like a comfy couch or beanbags, which can be used as the location for your read out loud times. Having this area associated with reading will help your children understand that reading is a fun activity which they can take up on their own. Encourage them to sit there with a book of their own choice even when you aren’t there with them.

Give them a Variety to Choose from

Till they are old ebnough to have strong opinions about what they want to read, ensure that you give them a variety of books to pick from. Have different genres available at an age appropriate level for them to pick up. This will keep them interested in new books and stories. You can always ask family members and friends to contribute to your library cupboard on special occassions.