Creative children tend to do better in homeschool rather than regular school, because they have many more opportunities to express themselves. They are more independant and less likely to consider criticism from others as a stumbling block. As a homeschool parent here are some ways that you can help your creative homeschool students to express themselves.

Allow them to get bored

In an age where everything is scheduled down to the last minute, children need some down time in which they are supposed to do nothing at all. Having time on their hands to spend the way they fancy, allows them the liberty to do something creative. They can discover for themselves what they would like to do, be it paint, sing, write a story, or create a DIY project.

Take them into nature

Creative juices flow much faster when we are connected to nature. Going outdoors and giving the homeschool students time to spend under the big blue sky, can also get them thinking about everything that surrounds them. It allows them to observe the plants, flowers, trees, insects, birds, animals, and a number of other elements in nature which gives them a new perspective of the world.

Give them the resources

From the basic interest of the homeschooled child, you will know what activities they prefer. Allow them to pursue their interests by ensuring that they have the resources required. Have paints available for the artist. Give a pretty notebook to the budding author. The sculptor should have access to clay. Whatever fuels their creativity should be available to them. You can use recycled materials so that you don’t run up too high a bill.

Have them join you in your projects

If you have a creative hobby that you indulge in, introduce it to your homeschool students. The more things they are exposed to, the easier it is for them to understand what attracts them. Helping you on your creative project may open more doors of self expression for them. Of course they may also hate what you are making them do, but at least that also brings them clarity about what they don’t like.