Homeschool Science Renewable Energy Science Class

Homeschool Science class in Renewable Energy, including solar, wind, and more! I’ll even share hands-on science experiments you can do with your kids after class! Make science fun and easy by going here: Go here for the full FB Live episode:  

Can Homeschoolers Get a High School Diploma?

Can Homeschoolers Get a High School Diploma?

A High School Diploma marks the culmination of the basic education of a school student. The diploma is necessary for further admission to college, joining the military service and even other venues of employment. Many homeschool parents worry about their homeschool students not getting a High School Diploma and being at a disadvantage later in… Read More

Homeschool Science lesson in Flight and Aeronautics!

Go here for free homeschool science lessons If you found this helpful and you find yourself thinking, “Hey, you know, I want this person to teach my kids science for me, and to create my curriculum lessons for me…” then we can do just that. Go to When you get there, you’ll see… Read More

Homeschool Solar Astronomy

Homeschool Science in Astronomy! Go here for more lessons in Astronomy:   Original FB Live post:   Part 1:   Part 2: