How to give your homeschool child a different box of tools using science

Teach your child how to think for themselves, love learning, and enjoy the process yourself! Teaching science doesn’t have to be a hassle, headache or even hard. Use these simple tips to get going with your child in science education today.   If you like this and you want more, go here:

Homeschool Science Experiment: Astronomy, Black Holes, and Robots

Are you curious about black holes, astronomy and robotics? This is the science lesson for you! So many interesting things happen when you stop and ask yourself questions, which is what this class is designed to do!  If you found this helpful and you find yourself thinking, “Hey, you know, I want this person to… Read More

Who is your child’s hero?

Do you know who your kids are really learning from? How much do you really know their teachers, the ones they spend a lot of time learning from? Who are THEIR role models? What are THEIR values?  If you’re part of our Supercharged Science family, then you know that I am the one that does… Read More