Homeschool: Avoid These Common Mistakes when Teaching Science

Homeschoolers! Don’t make these COMMON MISTAKES that science teachers make in their classrooms!   Go here to download your homeschool guidebook:   Original FB Live:

How to Handle a Homeschool Student Who Doesn’t Want to Homeschool

How to Handle a Homeschool Student Who Doesn’t Want to Homeschool

The decision to homeschool is usually taken by the parent, but at times as the homeschool student who has never attended regular school grows up, they may question this decision. The portrayal of regular school in books they read and movies they watch, may give them the impression that they are missing out because they… Read More

HOMESCHOOL Physics Class! Roller coasters, swinging oranges and more!

Go here for more hands-on science lessons:   We’re going to discover the mysterious forces at work behind the thrill ride of the world’s most monstrous roller coasters, as we twist, turn, loop and corkscrew our way through g-forces, velocity, acceleration, and believe it or not, move through orbital mechanics, like satellites. We’ll also… Read More

Homeschool Science Lesson in MAGNETISM

Go here for hands-on homeschool science lessons:   What IS magnetism, anyway? You can feel how two magnets can push against each other when you bring them close together, but what IS that invisible force, and why is it there? And how come magnets stick to the fridge and not a soda can, even… Read More

Homeschool Astronomy Lesson: Astrophysics

Go here for more homeschool astronomy lessons:   So what do you think? Is time travel into the future possible? Are there really such bizarre objects that warp space and freeze time? What about wormholes and tunneling – are those possible? You bet! We’re going to take a sneak peek at the laws of… Read More

Pros and Cons of a Homeschool Co-op

A support group is always good to have when you are a homeschool family, yet not all support groups can be beneficial. A Homeschool Co-op can prove helpful to a homeschool teacher, but is it worthwhile for a homeschool students? Let’s consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a part of a homeschool… Read More