Puzzles for Homeschool Students

Puzzles for Homeschool Students

Playing while you learn is always much more effective than simply memorizing by rote. One way to introduce the fun element of play into a homeschool classroom would be to use educational puzzles. The homeschool teacher can take any topic and create a quiz, or a jigsaw puzzle with ease. Here are some ideas. The… Read More

Homeschool Science Mini-Lesson in Light, Lasers and Holograms!

We’re going to learn about the wild world of light that has baffled scientists for over a century. You’ll be twisting and bending light as we learn about refraction, reflection, absorption, and transmission using lenses, lasers, mirrors, and optical filters with everyday stuff like gummy bears, paperclips, pencils and water!   Go here for more… Read More

How to Start a Sustainable, Impactful STEM Program

How to put more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into your current curriculum!   If your kids are bored, frustrated, or eye-rolling during their lessons, whether homeschool or in a classroom environment, then this video is for you!   I’ll show you the steps to starting your own STEM program today, and at the end… Read More

Does Your Homeschool Classroom Need a Pre-school Curriculum?

Does Your Homeschool Classroom Need a Pre-school Curriculum?

The idea of a formal curriculum for pre-school may seem outlandish for a homeschool teacher. After all how difficult can it be to get your baby ready for schooling? Yet, when push comes to shove, just what all do you need to ensure that your little one knows before stepping into the formal education system?… Read More

Homeschoolers: 5 MUST-HAVE Elements that make an Outstanding Curriculum

What separates a “good” from an “outstanding” curriculum? I’ll show you everything I think that really makes the biggest difference. Go here for more homeschool resources for your students! www.SuperchargedScience.com Orig FB Post: https://www.facebook.com/superchargedsci/videos/2664441390270390/

How to use a Compound Microscope for Homeschool Students

Here’s a quick-start guided lesson on how to use a compound microscope!   If you like this and want more homeschool science lessons by a real scientist, go here: www.SuperchargedScience.com/easy   Original FB: https://www.facebook.com/superchargedsci/videos/605578530234826/