The most important things not taught in school

What would you want to learn about if you got the chance to be your own teacher?   Go here if you want to download my free homeschool science guidebook:

How to get your homeschool kids to work independently

Go here to teach you rkids how to keep a science journal:   Homeschool Science doesn’t have to be hard or take a ton of time!   There’s a couple of key steps to keep in mind as you train your kids to do their science lessons independently, so they can learn their stuff… Read More

Teaching homeschool science doesn’t have to be hard!

      When you first start doing science lessons, do them right along with your child. Work right alongside them, talking with them about what you’re doing.   You’ve got to teach them “best practices” like reading the instructions, figuring out what materials to gather, and how to execute a real science experiment, not… Read More