There are many ways for homeschool students to show that they have understood a concept well. For instance they can make a fake social media account for a historical figure to showcase their biography. Or they can create a pamphlet to educate the lay man about a specific illness. In addition here are a couple of more ideas that can be used by the homeschool teacher to assess is their kids have understood what is being taught.

Blogging Their Expertise

One socially revelant way to demonstrate their expertise on any topic for the homeschool student can be to run a topic specific blog. This works as a great learning tool as the child needs to write what they know and develops clear written expression. They also need to update the blog periodically and you can decide what frequency they need to update it at. This could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the topic and how much they would like to share. You may choose the keep the blog private or public, once again depending on the topic and your preference.

Draw it Out

If your homeschool student is a good artist, you may introduce them to comic strips as a way of demonstrating their learning. They can learn basic animation on free apps and software availble online. Most paid graphics software have a free trial or lower package with limited tools. Download one of them to allow your homeschool student to create comic strips in which they can show a number of things that they have learnt. Add some humor to the learning and create a memorable way to retain the information imparted.

Make a Film

All basic smartphones have the video recording ability these days. Have your homeschool students put together a script for a movie out of a play or story that they may have read in literature. Give them the costumes and a few characters from the family members or friends. Have them direct the story into a film. It will be a world of fun, and a memorable learning experience as they encounter and overcome challenges that they have not yet thought existed.