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I've created a brand new homeschool math curriculum that teaches kids math through real-world applications (not just boring exercises in a book).  This means learning math by applying to real-world things like designing bridges, rockets and buildings.  Using math in money, business, astronomy, aviation, electronics and lots more. 

This approach allows your kids to learn math MUCH more easily AND understand it better than the way most curriculums teach it.

PLUS, You don't need to know a thing about math yourself.

AND I'm inviting to you to enroll in it before it's officially released (and at a big discount).

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Here's what you're getting

• A complete 4th, 5th & 6th grade math curriculum 

• Video based lessons designed by me personally that apply math to the real world 

• Classes will be both live and recorded so kids can do it on your own schedule

• Covers all topics for 4th, 5th and 6th grade, including arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percents, measurements and LOTS more.

• Exercises and worksheets

• Quizzes and evaluations

• A place to ask questions

• A complete 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee

If you enroll now, you'll also get
immediate access to these free bonuses

You'll get these bonuses as soon as you enroll (no need to wait until the Fall).

• Bonus #1: How to Master Multiplication tables in one day

• Bonus #2: How to memorize almost anything using a 100-year old secret code

• Bonus #3:Math tips and tricks to make learning fun and easy

• Bonus #4: How to Add and Multiply quickly in your head

How much does it cost?

This is the special pre-release price

$150 paid in full today

(Regular price is $349)

Or 6 Payments of just $27

Full Money-Back Guarantee

You can use the program risk-free for 30 days.  You may request a full refund any time during your first 30 days of enrollment. No hassles. No hoops. I want you to be happy with this, and if you're not, I'm glad to give you your money back.

If you're ready to have your kids join me for the most amazing math curriculum you've ever seen, click the big button below now.

Enroll & Get Bonuses

This offer will be available for


If you have any questions, please just email me at [email protected].


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-- Aurora


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