Academics aside, your homeschool students need a lot of other activities to keep them gainfully occupied. Extra curriculur activities can include anything from playing a musical instrument, to being part of a sports team. Creating a well rounded personality requires children to be exposed to different learning activities, socialisation opportunities, and a chance to follow their passion.

Many town communities offer various activities which you can enroll your homeschool student in. If your homeschooled child is interested in an activity which does not seem to be offered by anyone in your town or vicinity, you may consider starting a homeschool activity club to meet that need. Here’s how you can make this happen.

Connect with others

There are various places online and off line where you can get in touch with other homeschooling families. Make it a point to network with those homeschool teachers to find out how open they are to your idea of an activity club. There may be parents who are looking for the same thing that you are, and you can also co-share the responsibilty of running the club. For instance more than one person may be happy to help run a hiking club.

Do a skill swap

In some cases, you may have skills that they want their children to learn and they may be able to contribute to the learning of your children. Arranging a swap of skills is a great idea to put together interesting activities for all the children involved. You can take one session and they can take the other, benefiting both sets of homeschool students. For instance you can take a musical instrument class, while they can help conduct a science experiment.

Make it a regular feature

The activity club can meet at a regular frequency which is comfortable to all involved. Be it once a week for smaller stuff, or once a month for things that take a higher level of commitment, you can decide how you want to roll based on the specific situations. Just ensure that it is something fixed on your schedule and you will get around to making it a success.