The homeschool is always a very different experience compared to regular school. The evolutuion of the teaching methodology is constant and so are the different activities that a homeschool teacher can set for their students. Given below are a few immersive learning activities for homeschool students. These are as always, mere guidelines. Go ahead and adapt them to suit your teaching style and your homeschool student’s learning style.

News Reporting Anchor

Homeschool students can catch up with their current affairs by pretending to relate the news as an anchor. Have them say just the most revelant five to eight headlines of the week.  You can even record them as radio news, or take videos as TV newscasters. Have them repeat the activity weekly, and they will be combing the news stories to see what they want to add to their news broadcast. Fun way to ensure that they know exactly what’s happening in the world at large.

Mock Product Pitch

Have them create a mock product and then picth it to you. Teach them how sales actually occur. What is the reason that you felt tempted to buy their product. Was it just the utility, or did it have something more? Sales is an important skill for anyone to know and understand as an adult. Why not make it a regular fun activity where they come up with mock products on their own and try to sell them to you.

Time Capsule

This is always an exciting activity and is tremendously flexible. Creating a time capsule can be done for an alien to find on a spaceship, or for a twenty five year old self, in the future. Based on what purpose you choose to create the time capsule, youc an pick any variety of items to place inside it. Ideally not more than ten items and none too big to fit into the container. The container itself needs to stand the test of time, as well as be sealed very well at the end of the activity. Take some time to deliberate what exactly can go into the time capsule, as it is not coming out in a hurry.