It’s an established fact that children will try and avoid anything that they see as unpleasant, but are equally drawn to things that they see as fun. It’s important for the Homeschool teacher to instill a positive attitude towards schooling in their homeschool students. This way the family will actually enjoy homeschooling, not just survive it. That said, what are the ways to make teaching and learning in the homeschool fun? Here are some ideas and suggestions that you could implement in your homeschool classroom.

Workbooks Vs Games

Think about a six year old who is given a couple of sheets of sums to do, and another six  year old who is asked to play a game involving addition and subtraction of coins and notes. Which child do you think is going to have more fun? Subsequently which child is going to end up thinking math is easy and that he will enjoy learning more math? The answer is obvious. So try and keep the workbooks and problem solving sheets at a minimum, and increase the number of educational games that you play with your homeschool students. As they grow older you can make them do more worksheets, but do ensure, that even then, you make them play some games in the homeschool classroom.

Developing a Love of Writing

The motor skills of children take time to develop, which is why most of the kindergarten children do not enjoy holding a pencil and writing. If you insist on them doing printing or cursive writing from the get go, they will resent writing in the future. A fun way to get them to practice their letters is to use a tray of salt or flour and make them trace the letters in it. They will have much better control over their fingers and will enjoy the game of you calling out a number or a letter and them drawing it out in the tray. In the older children, get them to indulge in creative writing so that at least they use the pencil and paper. Assignments are never as much fun to write as writing a story or a poem.