Reading is a skill which will serve your child all his life. As long as your child does not have a learning disability, reading should come easily to him. Instilling a sense of joy in reading can begin early in the life of your homeschool student. Here are some ways to ensure that you get your homeschool class to read more, even enjoying what they read.

Reading Out Aloud Together

Start a story reading time for the homeschool students where you get to cuddle up together and read from the same book. Point out the different words as you read out loud. If they have a favorite story, they will be sure to ask you to read it to them many times. Once you have them identify all the words in the book, ask them to read out the story to you. Sharing books and stories can help develop a stronger bonding between the homeschool teacher and her class.

Coloring Pages with Quotes

Get your homeschool students into the habit of searching for and sharing a motivational quote with the class each week. You can fix the day they do this and have them come up with pretty art work to decorate the quote. This activity will have them reading through many quotes before they find one that they like, plus they will be writing it down to share with the class. Each sheet with the art work and quote can be pinned up on the board for the week. If you don’t use a notice board, you can improvise by having a special place for the sheet on the fridge door.

Earn Badges for Reading Books

All children are competitive and if they were to earn a badge for every book that they read and shared the summary of, they would be more motivated to read. It doesn’t matter if the book is a magazine, a graphic comic book, a collection of short stories or a novel. The more genres they spread themselves across the better, for this activity. Have a visual tally system going for each year so that you can calculate who read the most during the academic session.