Getting your homeschool students to eat healthy is one aspect of their upbringing, the other is to make them ready to cook for themselves. For younger children who may have trouble with the food prep part of cooking, you can do part of the pre-cooking prep for them. Here are three ideas that you can use for getting them to cook for themselves, and for you.

Salad Bowls

Wash and peel everything you plan to use in terms of fruits or salad leaves. Now have them dry out the whole thing with kitchen napkins and split up the salad ingredients into different bowls. You can do small bowls for individual family members or a couple of big bowls to be shared over next couple of meals. The salad dressing can be mixed in bulk and kept in the refrigerator. Making it at home is a lot more economical than getting ready made bottles, which will also have preservatives.

Mug Cakes

The basic mug cake is just egg, butter, sugar and flour. You can add a few twists like chocolate chips or butterscotch if you wish. Get your homeschool students to mix the dry ingredients and keep them ready in individual zip lock packets. Then they simply have to add the egg and butter and they are ready to bake in the mug using the microwave oven whenever they have a sweet craving. You can pin up the recipe with a magnet on the fridge door for them to refer to.

Cookies Jars

Similar to the ziplock packs, use mason jars to store all the dry ingredients that are needed for the cookie baking. You can take a print out of the cookies recipe and paste it on to the mason jar directly for the homeschool students to follow the recipe. Having different ingredients for variations in the cookies gives more choice to the little chefs. Plus they can use the same mason jars to store the cookies in once they are done baking and cooling. Although there is a risk that they will get consumes faster than they are likely to be stored!