What do I really need to know first? First of all, the chemicals in this set should be stored out of reach of pets and children. Grab the chemicals right now and stuff them in a safe place where accidents can’t happen. Do this NOW!

When you’re done storing your chemicals out of reach, watch this video:

We’re going to learn how to read the secret code on the chemicals, which parts are which inside the set, and get our chemistry lab ready to work with.

How do I use this information? You have two options, depending on your comfort level and ultimate educational goals. You can just watch the videos and talk about what’s going on with your child, or you can watch the videos and then perform the experiment with your child.

This unit includes the instructional videos for Chemistry, and is meant to be used in conjunction with the experiments in the Thames and Cosmos C1000 & C3000 chemistry lab kits. The manual included in the kits have complete safety information and many more experiments for you to complete as well.

All experiments presented here at AT YOUR OWN RISK. You are fully responsible for your own safety and those around you. (No building nuclear reactors in your garage.)

To put it simply, don’t eat anything in your chemistry lab, keep children and pets away from your lab, lock up your chemicals safely, learn how to store your chemicals safely, and don’t create large quantities of anything explosive, corrosive, or toxic. Always wear safety equipment and do your experiments in a spot what has plenty of air for ventilation, water and a drain, and a phone.

In all seriousness, be safe, have fun, play with the kids, and if you run across anything that boggles the mind, let us know and we’ll try to help you out.