A number of popular tourist destinations around the world offer virtual trips of their premises. For each homeschool family to take a world trip, is not a viable option. Yes, you may be able to take field trips to places around where you live, but for the majority of homeschooling students traveling abroad for field trips is not a reality. Here’s where these virtual trips can come in handy. You don’t have to be a physical traveler to be a globe trotter. Here are some ideas for virtual tours based on the different subjects that your homeschool students are studying.

The Historical Tour

Virtual tour of the Louvre museum in Paris, France will allow them to understand the manner in which the European society developed. The different battles of Napoleon Bonaparte can be seen commemorated in the huge paintings. The renaissance art of Da Vinci can be seen to bring about the scientific reasoning that we take for granted today.

The Geographical Tour

As one of the seven wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China, is a popular tourist destination. Add to the fact that it is the only man made structure which was visible from the moon, and the curiosity of young homeschool student minds should be lit. The Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China is an interesting and not as exhausting experience as it would be if you had to climb the wall yourself.

The Biological Tour

A number of zoos offer a virtual tour of their animals. These can be great fun for younger children, who learn more about the animals, what they feed and how long they live. These homeschooling students can then write a report on which animals they liked the best and how they would look after one if they had it in their home.

The Outer Space Tour

Thanks to NASA your homeschool students can literally leave the planet on a Virtual Tour to Mars. Curated from the images sent back home by the Curiosity rover, this is literally an out of this world experience for your homeschool students. Have them pick their favorite spots on the red planet and describe them to you.