If you have more papers than you have storage space for. If you have old boxes stuffed with things that you thought you may need at a future date. If you have no place to keep the books that you are actually using this academic session in the homeschool classroom, it’s time for you to declutter! Since it can seem like a rather daunting task, here’s a simple step wise approach to making the whole process a success.

Step 1 – Identify an Area

It can be anything, a cupboard, a drawer or a room. Just take everything out. Everything! Then use a cloth to clean out the storage shelves or drawer. You may even add a bit of essential oil to make it smell good. Now bring your attention to all the things that you pulled out.

Step 2 – Sort the Items

Place items in two piles. One is things that you would want to save in event of a catastrophe such as a fire. The other pile has everything else. Now place the things that you would want to save back into the area you just emptied. You should have enough place to put it back easily.

Step 3 – Put Away Everything Else

Take the stuff in the second pile and put it all into a large container. It can be a cardboard box or even a large black trash bag. Just pile in every thing in the container and put it away. You can place it outside the homeschool classroom in a spare room, under the bed or in a garage if you have one. Simply put it away.

Step 4 – Wait a Week

Now just forget about the stuff for a week and go on with life regularly. At the end of a week revisit the bag or carton of things. Again empty them out and see if life went on fine without these things. If there was something that you needed to use, rescue it from the pile, the rest of it is now ready to hit the trash or be donated to someone else.