There’s always something to be done when you begin to homeschool your children. All your best intentions will be of no use, unless you back them up with good organization. Here are some tips to organize yourself in a manner that allows you to be at your productive best and to draw out the best performance from your homeschool students.

Tip #1

Prioritize! There will be things that are important and things that are urgent. As long as you focus on what is important, and don’t succumb to the unending urgent items on your plate, you should be able to keep your cool. It’s okay for things to be done a day later. Not everything needs to be done right now.

Tip #2

Use Me-Time! Just as important as scheduling the classes for your homeschool students is to schedule your alone time. You are human and you need a break as well. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to get everything in order with no time off for yourself. Use this time to rejuvenate and come back fresh to the classroom.

Tip #3

Socialize! I’m not speaking about getting your homeschool students to make friends. Get together with like minded individuals and interact with them. Being surrounded by children all day, everyday is not good for your self growth. So make the time and effort to meet up with your peers and do something fun or interesting.

Tip #4

Get Support! Doing everything on your own is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Involve your homeschool students in the day’s planning. Get help from your spouse to take over a few lessons from you. Lean on friends and family to come in and spend some time in your homeschool classroom, sharing their expertise with your children.

Tip #5

Flexibility! The most desired virtue in the vault of the homeschool mother. Yes, you may have made certain plans, scheduled some classes and then nothing like you planned happens. Go with the flow, and see what you can get done with your children instead. Stay open to what can be done instead of getting stuck on what didn’t happen.