Setting a daily schedule, even if it may change on some days, helps maintain a routine in the homeschool classroom and family. The younger homeschool students always do better with clearly defined structure in the day and it gives the homeschool teacher an auto-pilot to function from. Here is a suggested daily routine for a homeschooling family.


Don’t wake up at the crack of dawn, but set a respectable time when you wake the homeschool students up daily. Immediately after the morning tasks and breakfast, try and do more cerebral work. The brain is fresh and can handle the mathematical sums, the thinking projects and writing of worksheets. An hour and half later give them a physical activity. Exercise can be fun dancing, or yoga stretches, do jumping jacks or burpees for the more active kids.


Exercise time is followed up with bath time and lunch. They can help with basic chores around the kitchen and get a break of half an hour after lunch. This time may be utilized to connect with friends and family outside the house. Social media interactions, video calls with grand parents, even in-person play time with neighbors can happen now.


This is a good time for art and craft projects. If they are learning a new language, a musical instrument or a new sport, this is a good slot to accommodate it. Completing any left over writing work from the morning is also an option. You may consider half an hour of doing chores around the house as well. This could be a list of chores that is tackled weekly and is pinned up on the notice board on the homeschool calendar.


Ensure that there is some family time with an activity which involves everyone. Ensure that both parents are available at this time to the homeschool students. Board games, especially those based on quizzes, are a good option. You could also have read out loud story sessions, or simply watch a movie together. The idea is to build bonds and entrench good memories. After that it’s time for dinner and the bedtime routine.