Hybrid Homeschooling is a new trend where homeschool students get to attend a physical school away from home for a couple of days in the week. The rest of the time they are taught at home by their homeschool parents. This alternative system of education was formed due to the desire of parents for their children to experience a regular school set up, but for the parents to still maintain control over their educational exposure. It has been gaining popularity and is trending among homeschool families in the country.

What Appeals to You About Hybrid Homeschooling?

Different aspects of hybrid homeschooling appeal to homeschooling teachers. For some it’s the fact that they are not completely responsible for the quality of education that their child is receiving. For others it is the easy socialization that the hybrid system offers, which makes it a popular draw. They don’t have to worry about developing a social life for their children any more. For yet other homeschool teachers, the time that gets freed up by the students being in a physical school away from the home, is a major blessing to their tight schedule. There is something about the alternate system that works for homeschool families, and the more number of them gravitating towards it proves this point.

Is Hybrid Homeschooling Desirable for Your Homeschool Students?

Depending on what appeals to you, as a homeschool teacher, you may wish to try out this system of hybrid homeschooling. The cons of the system include little or no control over the experiences and learning which takes place at the physical school. Less flexibility to your own schedule as a homeschooling family as you need to adhere to the physical school routine for a couple of days a week. The subjects that are offered may not always vibe with what your homeschool student wishes to focus on and learn in that academic year. There is a major time commitment to be offered to the system. As with any choice, the homeschool family must weigh in the pros and cons before they take a decision to try out hybrid homeschooling.