Children have a much shorter attention span when compared to adults. They also have a need to keep on moving. Having them sit down and study in the homeschool classroom can be tough when all they actually want to do is get up and run circles around the study table. Add a toy or a phone call that the homeschool parent has to attend to the mix, and you can be done with the teaching for the day. How do you remove all these distractions and get them more involved in the actual learning process? Let’s take a look.

Short Bursts of Teaching Alternated with Small Activities

Don’t make them sit down for more than half an hour when doing your lessons. The idea is to give them enough movement in the school schedule, that they get accustomed to the sitting down to studies alternating with bouts of activity. What activities can be used here range from getting them to make their beds, prep for their morning snacks, or even picking up the toys around the house after they played. You can keep the activity time restricted to half the lesson time, this means about 15 minutes of movement between each 30 minute class. It will give them the time to go to the bathroom, play with the toy, and watch that amazing video on the phone. It will also ensure that when they come back to the study table you have their full attention.

Restrict the Use of Electronics

One of the biggest issues is being interrupted by phone calls or getting side tracked by social media posts and videos. Try and make a conscious effort to let every one know that you will not be available for the three or four hours that you spend in the homeschool classroom. Friends and family, who would call, need to be informed in advance about these timings. Then stick to your guns. Even if someone calls you, try not to speak with them till you are done with the teaching for the day. This applies equally to the social media posts that you or your children access.