The homeschool parent wants to give their child the best quality of education possible. Yet, are they really achieving that target? Is the homeschool student at par with their peers? How can you ensure these quality checks in your homeschool classroom? Here are some ideas.

Knowledge Gaps and Standardized Tests

No educational system is foolproof, and there will always be some gaps in the knowledge of students. The scope of all that can be taught is so large that no single teacher is going to cover everything in detail. However, there are certain standard elements in a good education which should not be missed. So how does a homeschool student manage to close the knowledge gaps? Ideally by using standardized testing.

Since most students from both private and public schools need to take these tests at specific grade levels, it’s a good idea to have your homeschool students also do the same. They will get a good idea of how to answer a multiple choice test, as well as be able to tell exactly how much knowledge they have. The rankings of the test will also allow them to see where they stand in a set of their peers.

Annual Assessment Tests and Homeschool Transcripts

Another good measure of quality control for your homeschool teaching is to take an annual assessment test at the of the academic year for your homeschool student. You may take the question paper from a local school of the same grade as your child, and have your child answer it in a controlled and timed manner. You can repeat this for each of the subjects that you have taught in that academic year.

The corrections shouldn’t take you long and you can maintain a record of the marks achieved by the homeschool students in a formal homeschool transcript. Do keep the answer sheets in storage as well. Maintain this practice for all grade levels from middle school onward. The homeschool transcript is a document which will also come in handy at a later date when your homeschool student decides to join a regular college. It allows the counselor to see your homeschool student’s strengths and highlights their potential.