Having the full attention of all your homeschool students all through the scheduled school day can be difficult to juggle for a homeschool teacher. In this case, it’s a good idea to schedule some online learning events for your homeschool students. Depending on the age of your children, you can scout out a number of good online events that they can attend. Parenting with technology is a good way to save time and effort in the homeschool classroom. Here are some ideas for online sessions that can work for your homeschool family.

Attend a Live Story Telling Session

All children enjoy a good story telling session. Get on to YouTube or Facebook and you can find a number of channels that cater to different age groups. From reading out Picture Books to the elementary school children, to reading out loud middle grade level authors, you can find something for all age groups. There are even interactive sessions for tween and teenagers where they can ask questions and discuss the books that they are reading along.

Learn at Virtual Drawing and Art Classes

For those homeschool parents who are blessed with children who enjoy art, get them engaged in a social media channel that teaches you to draw. There are different skill levels available on social media, and usually each section is about ten to fifteen minutes long. You can have them select the two drawings that they would like to complete on a specific day and set it as part of their homeschool schedule.

Take Part in Online Contests

From photography to poetry writing, there are so many online contests available online. Just a short search to check out events and contests that are open to children can set you up with interesting ideas for your homeschool students to participate in many online events.

Visit a Museum on a Virtual Tour

A number of museums offer free virtual tours of their artifacts. These can be an interesting experience for a homeschool student. Some National Parks also offer virtual tours of their popular sightseeing spots. Again based on the interest and skill level of your homeschool students, you can set up a number of virtual tours for them to participate in.