The one thing that you can always count on is for the study materials that you use in your homeschool classroom to grow. Whether it’s new text books for the academic session, some art and crafts supplies, or simply reference books that you thought the children would enjoy reading, there’s a constant stream of things being added to the shelves. Don’t even get started on the sheer number of worksheets, note books and material that the homeschool students fill up during the class.

What to do When You get Overwhelmed

When it seems that you have no place left to put anything away, it’s a tad overwhelming. This is where you take a break, look around and decide that you need to let what isn’t truly essential, go.We are part of a culture that tells us more is better. That the more books, more toys, more tools of the trade you have the better you will be able to educate your children. This is simply not true. It’s a popular media induced state that many parents find themselves in, and end up spending a lot of money to boot.

Take Stock and Give It Away

If you have had that perfect reference book for two years and still not found time to open it and use it, let it go to someone who will actually use it. If there are more art and craft supplies than your homeschool students will need in the current academic year, offer to pass it on to other friends who homeschool. If there are bundles of old, used note books and worksheets and text books from past academic sessions which have not seen the light since they were stored away, let them go. Take photos of stuff that the kids did for memories, digital stuff is much easier to store.

It can be tough trying to figure out what you keep and what to give away, so take it easy and do one shelf at a time. One basket a day, or just one cupboard in the month. Constantly look at the stuff you have and what you really are not using, then let it go.