Cooking home-cooked meals for your homeschooled family can become a major chore if you take it upon yourself to have different menus all the time. It’s a much easier bet to organize a single weekly menu and stick to it. Here’s how you can set things up to make life easier while cooking for your homeschool family.

Pick Out The Dishes First

You do not want to cook a meal at home from scratch which your family does not consume. Take stock of all the dishes that your homeschool students generally eat with no fuss. You can go with steak, mashed potatoes and rolls for one meal. Do cornbread and chilli for another meal. Make chicken Alfredo with pasta for yet another meal. Just write down about a dozen such meal combinations that work well for your family. This gives you a ready to cook template without having to scratch your head every morning for all three meals.

Have a Well Stocked Kitchen Cupboard

The biggest problem people have when trying to cook home made meals is the lack of proper ingredients for specific dishes that they are trying to cook. You can’t bake apple pie without fresh apples. Make it a weekly task to go grocery shopping based on the meal combinations that you have come up with. You should be able to rustle up each of those meal combinations every week at least once based on your grocery shopping. It will also ensure that you can experiment with different dishes when you have fresh produce available.

Assign Days For Take Out

Everyone can do with a break from cooking all the time. Instead of waiting till the homeschool parent is absolutely pooped to order out for food, make it a part of your weekly routine. For instance if your homeschool family likes pizzas, you can make the dinner on Sunday pizza every week. You can also use one day in the week for any other kind of food that your homeschool family can be introduced to. So every Saturday you can try out a different cuisine such as Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian, Arabian, Lebanese or more.