Children are naturally creative and love to express themselves. This can translate to some fun performances and good memories. The idea is to nurture the performing artist in your homeschool students. Teach them about dance, drama, musical concerts and then maybe even take them to a live event. The homeschool teacher will find an immediate surge in their excitement levels and a desire to do the whole performance at home staring themselves.

Solo Instrument

It doesn’t matter if your homeschool student is learning any musical instrument or not. Informal drumming, or strumming an air guitar to recorded music is just as good for a live performance at home. Get them to come up with a song that they want to perform to and allow each homeschool student to take the stage by turns. You could actually select a day in the week which is scheduled for artistic performances by the homeschool students. Invite family and close friends over to help celebrate with you.

Creative Dance with Ribbons

Tie a couple of long ribbons to the arms and legs of the homeschool student. Just long enough for them to control and not so long that they can’t get it to move when they twirl around. Now introduce them to the joys of choreography. Allow them to watch a few online videos and see what all they can do. Now get them to pick a piece of music and set their movements to it. Again the performance must be formally held in front of the full family.

Shadow Puppetry

This is a great one for shy children. They may have trouble going up on stage in front of a large audience, but they will enjoy telling stories using their shadow puppets. Sit down in the homeschool classroom and design and construct the puppets based on the story that they want to tell. Younger ones can start with nursery rhymes or fairy tales, and work their way up to stories that they have written themselves. Do practice setting up the light and the cloth screen in advance so that everything works out well on the day of the final performance.