Life skills go hand in hand with academic skills in the homeschool classroom. One of the basic needs for survival is eating food, so it stands to reason that your children should have the basic cooking skills for food prep. Here is a fun way to ensure that they will never go hungry again.

The Fruit Rainbow

Rainbows are always fascinating to children. Also to help them eat all the colors in the rainbow is a good way to get fussy eaters to become enthusiastic about trying new fruits. Have the fruit washed and sliced in different bowls. Then give your homeschool students plates and ask them to design their own rainbows on the plates. Good fruits to include are strawberries, oranges, pineapples, kiwis, blueberries, black currents, apples and world grapes. Take a vote at the end of the decorating to select the best rainbow. Then make it their midday snack.

Counting with Cookies

The smell of freshly baked cookies will fill your home at the end of this activity. Get some cookie dough, it can be made from scratch or simply use store bought. Now roll it out and cut them into rectangles. On each rectangle embed an M&M. You can make a set of four “One’s”, another set of “Two’s” which have two M&Ms embedded in them, and so forth till ten. Bake the cookies and let them cool. Now give your homeschool students simple mathematical sums which they need to answer in cookies. For instance 2 time 6 equals 12 so they can use a cookies with two M&Ms and one with ten. Or they can use two cookies with six M&Ms. Whoever gets the right answer first is allowed to eat their cookies.

Pancake Artists

Another favorite food is pancakes. Make a basic pancake batter, then separate it into four portions. Add different food colors to three of the portions, keep one uncolored. Now pour all of the different colors into nozzle bottles. Have the children draw out their pancakes using all the colors they want, making whatever art designs they want. Now cook and serve them. Some of the abstract designs can be captured by camera and pinned up on the homeschool notice board.