Recycling and up-cycling make great art projects for homeschool students. Pick up something that is already available in the house and give it a whole new look and use by making it into something more. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Homemade Bird Feeder

You simply need a empty toilet paper roll, some peanut butter, bird seed to stick to the peanut butter and a string to tie up the roll to a branch of a nearby tree. The entire process won’t take more than an hour and your homemade bird feeder will bring more birds into your backyard. Your homeschool students can repeat the process when the bird seed is all gone.

A Nature Collage

Pick leaves, twigs, flowers, and anything else that you find interesting in the playground or garden. Now show your homeschool students how to dry these elements while retaining the colors. Research the different ways that this can be done in advance. Once everything is ready, take a blank A4 sized sheet and a glue gun to create your own natural landscape using the stuff that you have collected. Indulge the creativity of the young students.

Create a Water Balloon Sculpture

Use a number of different colored water balloons to create a nice shape for a sculpture in the backyard. Filling up the water and designing the sculpture can take up a considerable amount of time and be quite a messy job, so be prepared for the clean up. Get some good photographs of the sculpture and then you can have a nice water balloon fight before cleaning up everything.

Explore Different Painting Media

Besides paint brushes, crayons and sharpies, why not use more interesting paint mixes? Add some water to different paint colors and freeze into ice cubes. Use the ice cubes to paint on a large sheet of paper. Mix some mud into the paint to see how the texture and color changes. Use this to create another painting. There can be straw, leaves, and a whole bunch of natural elements added in to create different textures in the same painting as well.