At a time when going outdoors may actually be dangerous, it’s even more necessary to have activities that the homeschool students can perform indoors and let off steam. Practicing self isolation is a need that will grow in years to come, and it’s a good idea to show your children that staying indoors is not a punishment but can actually be a whole lot of fun.

Balloon Tennis

Get a couple of notebook registers, blow up a balloon and you are ready to play balloon tennis. Set up a string for the net, have your two homeschool students stand on either side of the said net with one register in hand. Now the balloon serves as the ball and will be whacked over the net by the register. Keep a track of points till ten, whoever gets there first wins.

Plastic Bottle Bowling

Similar to nine pins bowling, fill up plastic bottles with little water, so that they don’t fly away. Don’t fill to the brim or they will not topple over. You can use a simple rubber ball to bowl. Again devise a point system that works and let every member of the homeschool classroom have a go at the game. First person to reach the max allocated points wins the game.

Bread Painting with Edible Colors

Who said that a painting masterpiece only has to be on a canvas? You can mix out food colors in six bowls and place them in the centre of the table. Give each child a slice of bread, or even vanilla cake and allow them to use straws to suck and release colors onto the bread or cake slice. They can start with a simple rainbow and then work their way up to make complicated designs.

Laundry Basket Ball

Tie up a bunch of socks into a ball. You can make it as large or small as your homeschool students are comfortable with playing. Use the laundry basket placed on the dining table as the basket. You can have distances of five feet, ten feet and fifteen feet, to score 1, 2 and 3 pointer baskets. Give each kid a total of two minutes and have a spotter count the number of points that they make during that time. Person with maximum points once everyone has had a go, is the winner.