You’ve heard of regular school and you’ve heard of homeschool, so what is hybrid homeschooling? It’s been called a ‘middle of the road solution’ and the alternative education model of the future. Here’s a bit more for those of you wondering about it.

What is Hybrid Homeschooling?

Unlike pure homeschooling where the child is taught totally at home by the homeschool teacher, or regular school where the parent has little or no teaching to do, in a hybrid homeschooling system the students get to attend a regular classroom for a couple of days a week, and the rest of the three days they are taught at home. Attending a physical school away from home, the homeschool students learn exactly what everyone else in the class is learning at that time.  In some cases the school may provide lesson plans for the students to follow on their homeschooling days as well.

Advantages of Hybrid Homeschooling

The students get more exposure to different teachers, and are able to spend time with peers in a classroom set up. The parents are no longer completely responsible for the education of their children and will get some time off from their teaching duties each week. Socialization gets taken care of and homeschoolers can mingle with peers on a regular basis. Extra curricular classes and field trips may become more fun when undertaken as a group from the physical school.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Homeschooling

There is less control over what your homeschool student will be taught and when. Standardized tests may become a mandatory feature for your homeschool students. The homeschool teacher will have to move their schedule around the fixed hours that the child must spend at the physical school each week. Transportation is likely to be your responsibility as most hybrid homeschools are private schools. Many grades may have fixed curriculum, which does not leave much choice for your homeschool student to pick subjects and topics of their interest. Cost can also be a factor considering the fees at the physical school.

Should you Opt for Hybrid Homeschooling? This is a personal choice and will depend on each homeschool family’s situation. You know what will suit your homeschool students best.