Join Brian from Central Coast Astronomy & Aurora from Supercharged Science as they go over exactly what you need to know to get started touring the night sky with a pair of binoculars!
Many people don’t even realize that hey have an amazing object right at their fingertips – the Moon! If you participated in Dr Coombs Moon Tour Presentation, you already noticed the spectacular views you can get using a small telescope or a set of binoculars.

The Moon is a fantastic object to practice on, because it’s easy to find but there’s enough detail that once you get started, you’ll find yourself reaching for a Moon Map to try to spot and identify the different features.
Even if you don’t own any binoculars, we’ll guide you through how to pick a good pair for stargazing.

My personal favorite binoculars:

More classes like this: this special class is scheduled during my Astronomy sessions with Supercharged Science. You can learn about Aurora’s science programs here:

Download a Moon Map from NASA here.