Most people have a blank stare when I ask them what their educational goals are for their child. It’s not that they don’t have them, it’s that they haven’t formally figured out where they are headed, so the chances of reaching those goals in their head are small.

You’ll first want to set your educational goals/intentions for your kids. This will help you figure out how you’ll spend your time when you homeschool and also help you figure out the best homeschool program for your family.

The goals we usually hear about for kids are something along the lines of “I want my kids to love learning” or “I want my kids to be interested in science’ or “I want to expose my kids to different science areas”. Depending on how you answer this first question, you can pick the homeschool program that will best fit your kids and your goals.

In this video, we’ll outline three simple steps – results, purpose, and actions.

If you want your kids to make more projects like this, and if you found this helpful and you find yourself thinking, “Hey, you know, I want this person to teach my kids science for me, and to create my curriculum lessons for me…” then we can do just that.

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When you get there, you’ll see a video that shows you the science curriculum that I developed and teach.

If you like what you see on that website, just fill in the form below the video and your kids can get started today doing real hands-on science with everyday materials.

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