How do I set goals that really matter?? It’s not a wish or dream we’re talking about here…you’re mapping out a plan to educate your child.

Every great teacher has a lesson plan, even if it’s just in their head. Goals that matter are: Specific, Achievable, Measureable, Realistic (you’re going for improvement and progress, not perfection), and within a certain Time Frame (you can complete it within a reasonable amount of time).

If you found this helpful and you find yourself thinking, “Hey, you know, I want this person to teach my kids science for me, and to create my curriculum lessons for me…” then we can do just that.

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When you get there, you’ll see a video that shows you the science curriculum that I developed and teach.

If you like what you see on that website, just fill in the form below the video and your kids can get started today doing real hands-on science with everyday materials.

Supercharged Science
Homeschool Science Curriculum

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