It is important for the next generation to be in touch with nature. Living in cities may not often offer the close association with natural cycles that the previous generations grew up with. For this reason it makes sense to incorporate activities in the homeschool classroom which bring the homeschool students in touch with nature in all it’s different variations. Here are some ideas to get started and build activities on which are most suited to your homeschool style.

The Nature Scavenger Hunt

All children love to play. Using the scavenger hunt for educational purposes it quite easy with a little planning. Make up a list of about ten to fifteen items that can be found in your neighborhood. Some of these should be easy to pick up like pebble, or green leaves. Others could be a bit more challenging, such as orange petaled flower. Do warn them against picking flowers from beds of your neighbors, so that you don’t inadvertently upset them. Print out the list and hand them a basket along with it. Give them an hour and see who can get the maximum items from the list. The winner can be given a reward such as picking the menu for the next meal, or whatever dessert they want to eat.

Create a Fairy Garden in a Barrel or Pot

A Fairy Garden is simply a landscaping which is done in a container with smaller plants, decorative items and a lot of creative play. It’s a great opportunity to put together a pretty garden piece while teaching the homeschool students about what plants would be appropriate and which ones grow too large to fit properly in to the fairy garden. Have them use as many natural decorative items as possible such as pine cones, sea shells, white river pebbles and more. You can also encourage them to make their own decorations from items lying around the house. Fairy wings can be added to little figurines or dolls that may be placed in the fairy garden. Get them to design and place items in the pot based on their own creativity.