It’s always a good idea to be informed about your options, and homeschool budgets can’t be pulled out of the air. You need to read up on what all is available before you commit to anything from a curriculum to buying online courses for your homeschool students. Finding quality, free resources online can be as easy as an online search to simply following the blog of a more experienced homeschool teacher. Educate yourself before you begin to educate your homeschool students, it will make the whole process a much easier one.

Fund raising activities

A fund raising activity can help generate the shortfall of cash that homeschool families may face during an academic year. Something as simple as a lemonade stand can be added to the homeschool curriculum. Other options include dog walking for the neighborhood, delivering newspapers, selling baked muffins, or even holding a car wash for the neighborhood. This little extra money can go a long way in making the homeschool finances viable besides teaching the homeschool students fiscal responsibility.

Tax credits

Some states offer tax credits to homeschool parents. It’s a good idea to get legal advice about if you are eligible and how you should be claiming them. The  the Home School Legal Defense Association is a good place to start finding out what you can expect in terms of tax benefits or deductions. Do make sure to check with other homeschooling parents you know to see what they are doing about availing such benefits. It will make the picture clearer for you.

Extra Curricular activities

Homeschool students spend just about three to four hours actually doing their lessons per day. This frees up a lot of time for extra curricular activities. While it is a good idea to have the children spend some time learning music or sports or something else they fancy with another teacher, it can become expensive over a period of time. That’s why having regular extra curricular activities is a huge money saver. These can include pooling resources with other homeschool families to have joint excursons, play dates, museum visits and more.