Ironically the social distancing that most homeschoolers practice as a norm is what the world needs to do today. In view of the current situation here are some ideas to keep up with social relationships, even as you do not meet people physically.

The Video Call

Grandparents can really miss contact of the homeschool students and while it may not be possible to physically give them a visit, you can always organize a video call. Get the homeschool students on board for a show and tell activity on video. They get to describe their favorite toy, book, board game, or pet to their grandparents. The children will have an attentive audience, while the homeschool teacher can sneak in some other household chores. Video calls can also be made to friends and family members to catch up with. There are many free apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom which offer video calls and conference facilities. All you need is a reliable internet service provider and you are set to go.

The Neighborhood Walk

Staying in touch with friends around the neighborhood can be as simple as taking a walk. Talk to people and find out what they are doing, just ensure that you maintain the healthy six feet distance. You may even want to check in on older residents and bring them groceries or medicines that they may not be able to arrange delivery for. Supporting the community is a good idea and volunteering to run errands for the elderly or single parents who struggle to get everything done, may be a great way to teach the homeschool students how to contribute in a positive manner to the social community that they live in.

Use Social Media

Practically all of us are on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. There are dozens of people we are connected to on these platforms. Some of them we may have never met. Get the homeschool students to rediscover these connections that they have made. This works best for older children. Have them share their art work, stories, pictures, and opinions. Of course put in measures so that you are aware of what they are posting beforehand. Run through basic online safety features with them, and then let them make friends.