Just because your homeschool students study at home is no reason to keep them protected from the idea of natural disasters. In fact, for homeschool teachers safety and preparation for emergency situations should become a priority. The homeschool students should be aware of potential disasters, both natural and man-made. They should also have a standard action plan with some flexibility built in. Here are some ideas you can use to prepare them for being safe during a natural disaster.

Explain the Natural Disasters

Take away the fear of the unknown. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami and more come under the destructive powers of nature. Start by explaining how it happens. For instance, you could explain the molten core of the earth, how the cracks form in the crust of the planet and the gushing forth of the lava to form a mountain of fire and eventually an active volcano. Make a science project volcano with baking soda and show them how it all works. Also explain how getting away from it’s area of influence can help keep them safe.

Have them Practice Safety Drills

For each potential disaster, there should be a safety drill that keeps them protected during the actual event. Explain to them how staying indoors during a hurricane in the basement is safe. Also how they need to run out of the house if it’s an earthquake so that they do not get trapped in the rubble. You may want to caution them about not standing next to tall trees that may act like a lightening conductor, during a storm. A good way to do this would be to set up a multiple choice quiz for them allowing them to learn the different responses that are best suited to a specific disaster.

Prepare the Survival Kit

Have a kit with the essentials ready to go. You can get your homeschool students to write down what all they feel would be required and then have them pack it. Pay attention to what they add, and help them with food, clothing and tools that they would need in such a situation. Keep the kit in an easily accessible area and ensure someone grabs it when you have your practice drills. It could literally save lives if things go wrong.