You can soar, zoom, fly, twirl, and gyrate with these amazing hands-on classes which investigate the world of flight. Your Homeschool students create flying contraptions from paper airplanes and hang gliders to multi-cell kites.  This is a recording from a live class that I did with a big class of homeschoolers in my online classes.

If you want your kids to learn science from a real scientist, and you want them to be totally engaged and excited about what they are learning, but you don’t feel you have the time or the know-how to teach it, I can help.

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When you get there, you’ll see a video that shows you the science curriculum that I developed and teach.

If you like what you see on that website, just fill in the form below the video and your kids can get started today doing real hands-on science today. Like right now.

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Homeschool Science Curriculum

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