Homeschool class in GEOLOGY!
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What is the difference between a mineral and a rock? How about a gem and a crystal? We are about to discover the world of rocks, crystals, gems, and minerals by moving beyond just looking at pretty stones and really being able to identify, test, and classify samples and specimens you come across using techniques that real field experts use.
This video is just a small sample from my full-blown set of geology courses for K-12 homeschool kids. In that course, you will learn how to fluoresce minerals, chemically react rocks, streak powders, scratch glass, and play with atomic bonds as you learn how to be a real field geologist. You’ll explore how rocks can make light on impact, react to acids, float on water, and be able to tell which rocks really come from space. You’ll also grow different kinds of crystals, identify rocks, minerals, crystals and gems, and learn how popcorn rock was discovered by trying to make rocks disappear!
There’s more than we can cover in our short time here together today, so if you want MORE like what’s in the video, go to: and I’ll teach your kids science for you in a way that really sticks. (Includes a full 30-day money-back guarantee.)