Short bursts are always better for children to pick up new things than long concentrated hours of teaching. By implementing these daily enrichment ideas in your homeschool classroom, you will be able to get a lot more knowledge into the brains of your homeschool students than with traditional teaching. Here are some ideas to get you started. Feel free to add more of your own based on your homeschool family’s interests.

Word a Day

This simple vocabulary builder is a great tool which can be used simultaneously on all your homeschool students. The concept is simple. Introduce a new word. Explain the meaning. Have them use it in a sentence of two. That’s it! Don’t spend more than five minutes on it. Also create a list on a chart for the month. Pin it up in the homeschool classroom. The kids should be able to see the words for a while, to allow better absorption. Plus the chart changes each month, providing variety.

Foreign Language Phrase

Pick five popular languages and start with basic phrases. It could be good morning, good afternoon, good night, please, thank you, well done, happy birthday, or anything else that the children want to pick. Now each day of the week look up how to say this phrase in one of the five languages that you picked. It’s fun to learn as well as gives your homeschool students more than a few useful words in a foreign language when they travel abroad. Again this requires no formal practice, but they could be asking for a break from studies in French and get it!

Pick a Place

This simple geography based game can be played at anytime. The homeschool student must pick a place and give clues about it so that the others can guess where it is. You can start with popular towns in your own state, or even monuments that you may have visited in the past. Build up to new destinations and have the kids describe what all they can expect to see there. A great precursor to road trips that you may be planning to take.