There’s no bigger wealth in life than a healthy and fit body. Since homeschool teachers can be extremely home bound due to their daily schedules, it is important for them to get on top of good health habits by leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are some suggestions for activities that a homeschool family can pursue in order to stay fit.

Yoga and Meditation

While the body is the usual focus of fitness trends, it is also important to pay attention to the health of the mind. Doing a guided meditation can help the homeschool students to focus better and improve their attention span. Of course it is also a fun activity to do yoga asanas together. You don’t even need to join a class or anything. Simply find a good book or a YouTube channel that gives the basic yoga poses for beginners and start. Do no more than five positions each day, holding for about twenty counts to start with.

Jogging and Marathons

It’s easy to jog together as a family. The homeschool students will have a lot more energy than the homeschool parents, so it’s a good idea to have a circular track on which everyone can run. Visiting local jogging parks may be a good way to start. Once the children have built up stamina, it may serve as good motivation to participate in marathons that are held in your city or near by. The whole activity participation can be extremely engrossing for the children.


The summers are a good time to hit the pool. Learning to swim helps the homeschool students gain confidence in their own abilities. It is also a good idea to start them off as young as possible so that they don’t get a chance to develop a fear of the water. Playing games like Marco Polo, or Chicken are a nice way for the whole family to have fun in the pool.


This is a good cardiovascular exercise that the family can undertake together, or independently. The homeschool students will learn coordination, strengthen muscles and gain more flexibility with cycling regularly. It’s also a great way to travel short distances around the home for errands and chores.