Learning a new language helps enhance your brain’s ability to recognize, negotiate meaning and communicate bilingually. The cognitive and memory skills of the new language learner will show an improvement. Besides the good that it does for your homeschool student’s brain, it also gives them a window into the culture of another country. How do you enhance the foreign language skills for your homeschool kids when you don’t know a foreign language yourself? There are many online websites and smartphone apps that can come to your rescue here. Take a look at the top few available here.

Rosetta Stone

This website and app have 24 language options to learn from. It is a paid service, however you do get to try out the first lesson for free. Their learning process includes listening to words, pronouncing them, and matching pictures to words and phrases. You can see the progress you have made in learning grammar and vocabulary in the app. It is available for both Android and iOS.


This free app has a very upbeat and positive feel. You get to learn at your own pace, moving from simple words, to sentences and then more complicated compositions. The highly intuitive app interface will be there to point out your mistakes in pronunciation as well as praise you for stuff you get right. With 22 languages offered, it’s a very good free alternative to Rosetta Stone.


Using simple visual aids this website and app will lead you through the alphabet, words and eventually sentences of the new language that you wish to learn. It has a combination of free and paid courses that you can subscribe to. The games and chat bots are a good way to practice your language skills once you have been through the course lessons.


WIth 12 languages, it may not have the vast options available on other websites, but you do have a great feature here with the placement test. You can take a test to find out your skill level on a language that you may have learnt previously, they will then place you in a level where you can continue to practice and improve upon your language skills.