At a time when many children are unable to go to regular school due to the pandemic situation, there has been a sharp increase in homeschooling families. With physical classes suspended across the nation, more children are turning to learning on the computer. The regular schools are switching to virtual classrooms for teaching. Homework is being emailed, and teachers are dealing with a whole slew of digital issues to get their students to learn. Here are some ideas to deal with this emergency homeschooling routine.

Get Organized

Children do better when they have a structured day. So as the new norm is to study at home, they should have a school kind of schedule where they have hours to study, play and regular breaks for meals. The benefits of having an organized daily routine are that you all know what needs to be done next. There is less confusion and this leads to more productivity. The children will also be able to move to the next task without constant hounding from the parents.

Keep Calm

Stress levels are bound to rise in the time when the news is coming up with all kinds of tragic events. The pandemic is causing deaths, there is no cure, anyone can get infected. You need to stay indoors to keep safe. All of this is being absorbed by the children and stressing them out. You may find that their behavior patterns and responses also change. Here it is important for the adults to keep calm, to ensure the children stay calm as well.

Encourage Open Conversation

Don’t try and hide details from the children to try and keep them safe. It’s better to encourage them to ask questions and answer them as truthfully as possible. They should be aware of what’s happening in the world. They should know how to keep themselves safe. The idea is to keep them informed, but not let them panic. Encourage positive speech and actions. Spend time with them to find out what they are thinking and be there for them should they need help dealing with this new reality.