Having different hobbies is a good way for homeschool students to spend their time gainfully while learning new life skills. Here are some ideas for hobbies that don’t need a big investment but can help the homeschool family spend many hours making memories and learning new activities.


This is a simple enough activity that any homeschool family can undertake. If you have land around that can be converted into a vegetable garden, it would even serve a dual purpose of showing the homeschool students how to grow their own food.

Don’t worry even if you live in an apartment, because all that you need is six pots. Just get the seeds to sprout and plant them in the pots. You can use decorative flowers, herbs that can be used in cooking and even small vegetable plants.

Music and Drama

There is an ample supply of songs that can be sung by those who have a tone for music. You can improvise on musical instruments using homemade ones for percussion and strings. If the homeschool parent spots real talent, the child can even be sent to learn a musical instrument with a hobby teacher.

It’s easy to stage a play. All you need is ready characters, easily available in your homeschool classroom, and a story line. It’s always fun to enact a favorite nursery rhyme to start with. Then move on to popular fairy tales or bedtime stories. Eventually your homeschool drama students will be writing and producing their own scripts.

Needle Crafts

Embroidery, crochet, knitting, quilting and sewing are all worthwhile hobbies. These life skills will come in handy long after your homeschool students have left the classroom. Most children these days do not have these basic skills in their repertoire.

Start with a basic alphabet monogram on a handkerchief or if they prefer a simple design. You can get many samples and ideas online. Move up to more practical matter like sewing buttons on a dress. Have a basic scarf knitted by using multiple colors of wool. It’s just a matter of staying committed to the hobby for the homeschool student. Help set aside ten minutes a day for this.