We made an ambitious plan to drive the first day about seven hours to get to just stopping short of South Lake Tahoe from San Luis Obispo.

We were rewarded with a beautiful spot to have lunch, it was nearly a hundred degrees even though it was 4 p.m.!

The kids did great on the drive, and one of the games we invented was a new version of the license plate game using numbers. You take 3 numbers of a license plate and try to get to 10 using any math operators you want.

For example our license plate has 333, so we would take 3 squared added to 3 / 3 to get 10.

The one shown below is a little trickier (there may be more than one solution also.)

I would do 2 cubed added to the √ 4 to get 10. you don’t have to use all the numbers, and littler kids can use the numbers more than once.

We can have fun with math operations even though we’re not in a math class!

We had one that no one could figure out until my husband remembered that any number raised to the power of 0 equals 1, and saved the day by getting us to 10. (We did run into a super hard one with 004. I guess some aren’t able to be done without doubling up.)

Time to pack up again and finish our last hour of driving to get to a first campsite! We thought we rented a cabin, but from the message from the host it sounds like it’s little more than four walls of ceiling in a floor. I’ll post more pictures soon!