Coming off the physical isolation of the pandemic, most people are glad to be back on the streets, going about life as usual. Adults are relieved to be doing the usual activities which had been put at a hold during the isolation. Yet, for a number of young children, specially those under the age of five, the opening up of the world has provided more anxiety than freedom. They are used to interacting with everyone from their teachers to their grandparents on the laptop. To suddenly have to move out of the house to go to school is causing them stress previously unseen.

Forging Friendships

Most young children find it easier to face a few peers than to face a huge set of school teachers and students. So begin with getting your homeschool student used to the prescence of a single child their age. Plan play dates with them, and allow them to interact physically with toys, board games, and even simple sports. This will help reduce the dependency of the child on the digital screens to interact and have fun with a friend.

Substitution is the Key

For each activity that the child had been doing online, now is the time to find a suitable off line substitute. If they were getting musical lessons online, now allow them to go to the music school physically to learn. The period of digital withdrawal will be equally tough on the homeschool parent who now has to take the children physically to all the extra curricular classes which were being earlier conducted online. The extra effort will be worthwhile, as you see the confidence bloom in your homeschool student.

Nothing Helps like Nature 

Reconnecting with nature is another aspect of life to be considered. From being stuck inside your homes, to being able to take a bicycle ride in a park. Instead of sitting and watching Netflix on the couch, to take a camping trip and set up a tent. There are many ways to bring your child closer to nature. Start with small steps, and make them look forward to each next activity that you have planned for them. The connection to nature can help with the digital detox in many useful ways.