Over a period of time the homeschool classroom can become the dumping ground for a lot of material which is not in regular use. Regularly decluttering this mess can make a huge difference in the energy of the room. Here are some ideas to help the busy homeschool parent to keep the homeschool classroom decluttered.

The Sorting Basket

Often when you come across something that you have not used in a while, and know that you may not be using again, you simply place it back in the shelf and move on to looking for what you need in the moment. Instead of doing this, keep a basket on hand to put such things into. Then once a week empty out this basket by putting things in the trash, or recycling them, or even giving them away to someone who you know will use it.

Clean Up the Home School Area

Have a policy of empty desk tops at the end of the day. This will ensure that all the papers get put away and that you have a nice clean surface to begin studies on the next day. Also put away any art work, projects and worksheets that the homeschool students have used that day. Regularly go through these and discard the ones that will not be used again. You can take pictures of the art work and projects before you let them go. These can be stored virtually and will not take up any physical space in the homeschool area.

Less is Better

Most homeschool teachers will download, print out and store a lot of material that they nearly never use.There are so many teaching tools that are usually lying around the homeschool area, that if you pick up a few and put them away, you will end up making a lot of space for yourself. It’s okay to not keep everything. If you can’t bring yourself to chuck it out, think of someone who can use it and deliver it to them. This will make it seem less wasteful, plus give you more area to use as you actually require.