If you have a tendency to collect things, it can actually become a worthwhile hobby for your homeschool family. The most obvious collections that people tend to have are of rare coins and stamps. These are items that help teach the homeschool students a number of different aspects from geography to historical events. However these can prove to be expensive hobbies. Here are some other things that can be turned into fruitful collections.

Collection of bird feathers – These can be collected on nature walks, visits to the play ground and even field trips. Have the feathers placed inside a transparent plastic folder sheet. Each sheet can have a piece of paper attached to it detailing when the feather was found, by whom and which bird it is likely to belong to. Try and paste a picture of the bird if possible. The collection will add up quickly as your homeschool students become super observant whenever they leave the home.

Collection of dried flowers – This is a herbarium variation. Instead of leaves of the plant, use the dried flowers. The homeschool parent can come up with research on different ways to dry the flowers without losing their natural color. These techniques can be practiced on flowers in the garden as well as wild flowers that can be plucked on nature walks. Further use of these dried flowers can be made in art and craft projects in the homeschool classroom. The simplest use can be to make greeting cards for birthdays of family members.

Collection of handicrafts – These can be items of a similar theme. For instance handicrafts made of blue wool. Or they could be pottery items. Or even hand crafted Christmas ornaments that have been made each year by the home school students. There can also be a collection of handicrafts that are all shaped like an elephant or a rose. There are endless possibilities in this category. Also while handicrafts bought from stores may be expensive, if procured from the flea markets they can be had at bargain prices. Haggling for them can become another life skill that the children learn.