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Today’s science class is how to do real CHEMISTRY! We’re going to be mixing up dinosaur toothpaste, doing experiments with catalysts, discovering the 5 states of matter, and building your own chemistry lab station as we cover chemical kinetics, phase shifts, the states of matter, atoms, molecules, elements, chemical reactions, and much more. We’re also going to turn liquid polymers into glowing putty so you can amaze your friends when it totally glows in the dark. AND make liquids freeze by heating them up (no kidding) using a scientific principle called supercooling, and more.

A lot of people just don’t want to bother with experiments when teaching science, they say it’s too messy, too expensive, takes too much time… but thankfully there is a better way! That’s why the way I teach science keep the magic of discovery without costing a fortune. Now you shouldn’t need to spend a fortune in order to learn science. I mean, the stuff on the shopping list for today was stuff you can get at the grocery store if you don’t already have it around the house.

Today’s class is FULL of experiments, because that’s what science IS. We’ll be talking for a bit and then doing an experiment, and then talk more and do more experiments throughout the class, so make sure you’ve got those materials out and ready. If you don’t have any materials, don’t worry. You can still participate. Just follow along so that you know exactly what to do when you do get your materials.