Setting up the homeschool classroom is different for each family. Some have an extra room that they prefer to use, others simply clear up the dining table and sit down there. What you choose to buy for your homeschooling family should depend on the needs of the students in the current academic year. Don’t buy stuff that you feel you will need in the future. Here’s a list of things that you consider not purchasing.

Study Desk

If you don’t have a dedicated classroom for homeschooling, you do not need the additional headache of trying to fit in a study desk in another room. It’s a better idea to invest in a cupboard where you can store the study material that you will be using, and continue to use the dining table as a make shift study desk. As the child grows, you may consider a dedicated desk.

White Board

Yes, it may look very nice and make you feel like a professional teacher, but do you really need a white board to explain a concept to your first grade homeschool student? This is an expense that can be avoided till you actually feel the need to have a more formal set up for homeschooling when your child grows up. Stick to paper and pen initially.

Reference Material

Be it books, DVDs, maps, and more material that support the lessons that you are planning to teach, do you really need to purchase it all?Remember it possible to borrow from the library and return the material when you are done with it. More pocket friendly and you don’t have to think about where you are going to store it once you are done with it.

Boxed Curriculum Sets

While a new comer to homeschooling may find the boxed curriculum sets an easy way to start out, they are not a compulsory purchase. Most of them may contain subjects that you don’t yet intend to teach your homeschool student. Also not every curriculum will fit the needs of every homeschool student, so you may end up with an expense buy which doesn’t get used to it’s full potential.