Seasonal activities can be fun to plan and execute in the homeschool classroom.  Here are some ideas for your homeschool students to undertake this month. You can always add your own twist these activities to make them better suited for your homeschooling family. Maybe even come up with your own activities for this winter.

The Red – Green – White Nature Walk

Winters may not always mean indoor activities. The colors of the season can be traced in nature by the homeschool students. You can take them for a walk in a park close by and have them photograph everything that they find in these three colors. Some small leaves and flowers may even be taken home as souvenirs. A scrapbook can also be made out of the various finds. Or you could simply make a chart of the different items and hang it up on the noticeboard of the homeschool classroom. Do read up on the different items as a follow up to the nature walk.

The Christmas Cookie Mystery

Enjoy baking a batch of sugar cookies with your homeschool students after you get them to identify various ingredients on the kitchen table.  Have them conduct little science experiments to find out which white powder is the sugar, flour, baking soda, etc. It can be even more entertaining if you remove just a wee bit of them in glasses and have them identify everything. Give each child a chance to guess each of the ingredients before you identify them. Then get them all to measure out the right quantities to make the cookie dough. Each child can decorate the baked products as they wish.

The Homeschool Newsletter

A round up of all the activities that have taken place in the homeschool can make for a good edition of the homeschool newsletter. This allows your homeschool students to write articles, poems, reports on field trips and just about anything else they find interesting. Illustrate with pictures taken, drawings made by the children and compile it all into a physical copy. These may be handed out to grandparents and other close family members during the holidays.